Report from Observers at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust AGM 14th August 2012

Notes from HEY hospital trust AGM 14/812 at Caste Hill hospital

Well attended meeting. Lots of presentation and all seems to be thriving and striving in NHS hospital world. The hospitals have improved performance standards.  Both financially and medically numerous targets achieved i.e. hospital infections were down and so were the hospital mortality rate. Hospital staff are now participation in exercises and sharing their ideas on how to improve patient’s care. Surveys of patient care were satisfactory/good. The Trust is way off target with C difficult bug but is improving

 HEY hospitals will be a Foundation Trust by April 2013

  1. 1.    There is no more money and HEY hospitals need to be more efficient there will be a reduction of hospital sites across Yorkshire
  2. There will be reductions of nursing staff ( he said 1000 less staff but claimed these staff would move to the community with the patients but gave no explanation as to how this was going to happen)
  3.  The role of clinical nurse specialists are being examined  (this is a national scrutiny of these nursing roles)
  4. Emphasis on patients being treated in their own home (no details of how or who would provide this specialist care)
  5. Emphasis on care in the community
  6. Emphasis on patients being treated in Dove House and other hospices(?)
  7. Emphasis on community care but no information who will be providing it


The feel of the meeting was upbeat with jokes and banter from the CE Phil Morley i.e. how the hospital team was like Manchester United football team and how he could deal with all the hate mail he receives.

Some of this general repartee was patronising and macho especially a comment from Michael Wright, the Chief Nurse who said he would be going round to the home of the one nurse who had submitted a written question but she was not in attendance at the meeting .The question was asking whether the role of the specialist clinical nurses would be abolished. He also made it very clear that he would be having a one to one meeting with this member of staff and this highlights why staff appear fearful of speaking out. A staff member submits a question as they were asked to do and this gets them a one to one meeting with a director!

The main emphasis was to reduce the time all patients spent in hospital and it would be by smarter united working that will reduce the time all patients spend in hospital.

  1. The time patients in hospital kept to a minimum
  2. chest ward has now moved to HRI from Castle Hill
  3. Cancer wards will now be 5 day a week –chemo at home Working with partner agencies
  4. Elderly patients to be out of hospital quicker and  only extend  to 72 hour stays in the elderly ward
  5. Palliative care partnerships and pathways in the community – (how and by who no information given to the meeting?)
  6. New A&E department at HRI
  7. New midwifery led unit and emphasis on safeguarding unit at Anlaby
  8. Paediatrics to be relocated in Women’s & Children hospital to free up wards in Tower Block


Finance:  John Barber

Aim to break even

Will have to save £ 99 million

Less work taking place in the hospital more in the community

Tough time in the future


Phil Morley CE of HEY

In the future there will be more consultants and nurses

The public should have a say and the Trust cannot stand still

There will be a safe transfer of patients into the community and people will go home earlier and the aim is to reduce bed occupancy from 97% to 85 with 200- 300 beds less in the hospitals

There will be a loss of 1,000 members of staff employed by the hospitals

275 clinical nurses’ specialist posts are being reviewed


Hey will become a Foundation November 2013 and by April next year a Foundation Trust

There were some written questions but no debate and no questions from the floor

At the end of the meeting Phil Morley also gave a Conservative Party summary of the national debt repeating what Chancellor George Osborne says. He even used their language of us all being in it together. He is clearly enthusiastic about the Tory agenda of reform and people should not have any illusions that he is some kind of ally for our campaigning


The Trust has an integrated business plan and talks of partners i.e. private businesses one private company is going to help run a cancer screening project.


This plan needs to be looked at closely to see which private companies he is planning to do business with.


At least 8 of the board get over £100,000 a year and at least one is “engaged” rather than “employed” i.e. he does not pay tax or NI at the normal rate. These people also have huge pension pots some will get over £200,000 lump sum on retirement (see page 55/56 of annual report) Morley made the age old argument that management only costs 9 days worth of operating the hospital so there is no value in cutting their salary etc.

The profiles of the board show that 8 of them have a background in private industry including Swift Caravans (I am not kidding page 41 of the report) Smith and Nephew and other FTSE 100 companies. One of them lectures on “social marketing” (privatisation to you and me). Interestingly Morley has previously held a number of posts at the Department of Health including in something called the “systems reform policy team” suitably Orwellian title I would suggest.

Interestingly there was no mention in the report or the meeting of the trip to Florida taken by Morley and his executive colleagues in this financial year, presumably to find out more about the American model of medical care.

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  1. RollingMyEyes · · Reply

    Unsurprisingly you have read what you want into this meeting. Yes management salaries are high but I don’t see many people, yourselves included, fighting to take on what is a massive weight of responsibility for £25K a year. And as for the lecturing on social marketing, social marketing is where you seek to understand behaviours such as why people smoke or use A&E when they don’t need to, and then devise campaigns to guide people to make better choices. Seriously, if you’re going to criticise someone at least make sure you know what you’re criticising them for..

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