More Details from the Hull City Council Shadow Health and Well-being Board Meeting.

Local Health Watch still to be established. This will replace Patient and Advisory Liason Service (PALS), waiting for details from the Department for Health. The proposal is to do some work over the autumn to prepare, timescale is Feb 2013. 

May be a Hull & ER Social Enterprise, they do not know how much money will be available to establish, will have to employ people. The budget is uncertain but estimates are a mere £200K 

Health Watch, OPEN TENDER is SUPPOSED to be Social Enterprise model not commercial model. There is a real danger that via the Locality Act that we will get privatisation through the back door. 

But on the other hand it leaves the door open for local, well motivated people to put together a real community bid so that any Hull and ER Health Watch Group could be a real independent advocate voice for the area, and drive an ethos of openness and transparency within the Board as they would have a seat on it and be able to ask the awkward questions of local health officials.


 Date for completion now April 2013 due lack of guidance Dept for Health. The formal responsibility lies with Health & Well-being; a working party will be formed. This can’t involve anyone involved in procurement on party but can work across the region with other Local Authorities & commissioning and procurement teams. 

£20 million reduction in budget at the moment, a ‘pace of change’ so set over a number of years, don’t know how much by when yet; “WILL HAVE A CONSIDERABLE IMPACT ON SERVICES”, according to Dr Wendy Richardson, Director of Public Health, NHS Hull and HCC. 

It isn’t expected that they will commission as many services as they do now. 

Four Statutory requirements, must transfer staff to Local Authority, must commission Health Checks Service, must commission Sexual Health, and must deliver Child Measurement Service.  

Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for health has intimated very strongly that the funding is being moved from ‘deprivation’ factors to ‘age’ meaning that Hull&EY will receive less funding as we have more deprivation and less elderly (as we die younger!)

 In a speech on April 26th 2012 Lansley   suggested clinical commissioning group funding should take into account the age of a population rather than indices of deprivation, arguing age is the “principal determinant of health need” in an area.

This means that an area such as Bournemouth which has a higher population of Senior Citizens, but much lower ranking than Hull in deprivation indexes, would benefit from an age related allocation, whilst we would lose out. 

By Nikki Osborne and Dermot Rathbone

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