Chronology of a Campaign: AKA If These Muppets Can Do It, Anyone Can!

July 16th: Dan and Dermot spot the story that the Hull and East Yorkshire Trust are facing cuts of £94 million. As current patients we are gob smacked by a) the level of cuts required b) the loss of all Neuro beds c) the closure of Ward 6 and Castle Hill which contains valuable cardiac beds and the most distressing statement of all is d) Prof. John Cleland, Head of Cardiology at the Trust and 16 of his colleagues send an open letter to CEO Phil Morley which contains the following damning statements. They say, “Trust managers have ignored our concerns and taken dictatorial approach”. They say the cuts will mean that, “Patient care will be CRITICALLY ERODED. Finally Cleland said, “NICE describe these changes as DANGEROUS and I would concur with that.”

 July 17th. Dan suggests we set up a petition online and have a street stall on 21st July in Hull City Centre. The petition goes up, 131 sign. A Facebook page is set up asking for help. Over 1,000 people are contacted. A press release is issued. Tranby Labour Party pledge £50. 

July 18th.  Dan and Dermot go on the mid morning BBC flagship show with David Burns. The Hull Daily Mail takes up the story. 

July 19th. Momentum from the community turns a street stall into a fully-fledged Rally. John Prescott and the three local Labour MPs pledge to attend. Karl Turner MP for East Hull gives interviews to the media in support. The Green Party come on board. UNISON full time Officer Mairin Power mobilises support. The local Labour Representation Committee and UNISON lead negotiators Nikki Osborne and Joe Gibbins ensure maximum publicity is secured and pledge to steward the Rally. 

20th July. KCFM and the BBC interview lead activists. Facebook now shows 150 people attending the Rally. Three more local political Parties pledge support. BBC Online carry the story. Theresa Vaughan mobilises Coop Party support. 

21st July. Over 200 people attend the Rally in Hull City Centre. Keynote speeches from Danny and Karl Turner MP. Former Health Secretary Alan Johnson MP gives a TV interview in support. John Prescott attends and Hessle Labour Party collect 323 signatures at a street stall. BBC Look North leads with the story. 

23rd July. Dan and Dermot interviewed on BBC local Breakfast Show about the campaign. The decision is made to set up a Campaign Group. Michael Rosen publicly back our efforts 

25th July. More radio and press coverage, as the Campaign Group is unveiled to the media. We call for a meeting with the Trust. Haltemprice and Howden CLP hold a public meeting on the future of the NHS in Brough.

 26th July. 1,700 people are contacted with a copy of a model letter to send to their MPs protesting the cuts. 

29th July. Danny Marten enters hospital in Cottingham for gruelling chemotherapy as his battle with cancer continues. 

31st July. A public Campaign meeting is called for Monday 6th August. Trade Unions, community groups and any interested parties invited. 

2nd August. Theresa Vaughan, Cllr. Shelagh Finlay, Emma Hardy and Nikki Osborne continue to make sure that over 5,000 contacts are made publicising the Campaign. 

6th August.  48 people from 15 different groups as well as non-aligned individual groups attend the inaugural Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire Campaign Group meeting. Danny Marten and Nikki Osborne elected Co Chairs. People volunteer to complete various tasks including setting up this blog, an email address plus a twitter feed goes live @saveournhshull 

10th August. Dan, Nikki and Dermot meet CEO Phil Morley and his team. Confirmation of the level of cuts is confirmed. Karl Turner MP follows us meeting the Trust team. 

13th August.   The second Campaign meeting agrees that the Campaign will call for a rebate of the £94 million as this will see a more inclusive approach and is a realistic aim. 

14th August. Rosalie Kelly, Martin Deane and Mel Pink attend the Trust AGM. Everything is tickety boo in the world inhabited by Trust Managers. See the reports on the Blog. 

15th August. The pressure seems to be getting to the Trust Managers and the local media report uncertainty surrounding jobs of the top people. 

16th August. Media reports that the national suicide rate is on the rise, and research shows that cuts in mental health provision aren’t helping. 

17th August. Martin Deane publishes research into the consequences of the amalgamation of stroke and neuro facilities at Hull Royal.

 20th August. Campaign Group adopt an agreed and voted on Action Plan. The idea of a march in September is mandated. 

21st August. Rosalie Kelly produces her report from the Trust AGM. See blog entry. We attend the Shadow Health and Well-being Board Meeting. See Dermot and Nikki’s report on the blog. 

22nd August. The blog has 60 hits in one day. 

24th August. Hull SWP pledge £50 to the campaign

25th August. Two streets stalls collect 510 signatures and renew media interest. Dan and Dermot interviewed by the Hull Daily Mail. Nikki Osborne appears on BBC Radio later in the week.


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