March to Protect NHS Jobs and Services. We Demand £99 Million Rebate from Jeremy Hunt!

The appointment of Jeremy Hunt provides a good opportunity for our campaign to make a big impact with the new Health Secretary. 

Mr. Hunt is widely quoted in today’s press and co authoring a book that describes the NHS as, “a sixty year mistake”, and went on to say that, “The NHS is not relevant… and should be dismantled”. In addition the book mocked the NHS as, “The National Sickness Service” (sic, no pun intended). 

We need to convince Mr. Hunt that we the UK public cherish the NHS and see it as a cornerstone of our Society. We are prepared to stand up and fight for what is right for our NHS whoever is in power, and that he should take notice of how communities up and down the country have been fighting tooth and nail against any threat to services irrespective of which Party holds the keys to Ten Downing Street. 

On Monday 24th September we want Mr. Hunt’s desk to contain a file marked, “Urgent, for your immediate attention!” 

The document will tell the Secretary of State that the people of Hull and East Yorkshire took to the streets in droves to call for a £99 immediate rebate of money cut from our local NHS. This cash is desperately needed to maintain services and stop the NHS slipping into intensive care as the winter season takes grip. It will tell him that the axing of 300 beds, 10 wards, a cardiac unit and specialist neurology beds has caused Consultants to call the cuts, “dangerous” and go on to say that patient care will be, “critically eroded”. 

MARCH: Saturday 22nd September. 

ASSEMBLE: Mid Day Victoria Square, Hull

This is the Community speaking! Spread the word, come along and tell Mr Hunt: “NO IF’S, NO BUT’s, NO NHS CUTS!”

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    Support the Save our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire – rally and march, 22nd September.

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