Monthly Archives: October 2012

“Itemised Billing at HEY” Our Press Release.

Local Health campaigners declared themselves  “shocked and horrified” by HEY CEO Phil Morley’s recent statement that the Trust is seriously considering introducing itemised billing as a means of getting patients to  “value and appreciate the service”.  Mr. Morley, under pressure to find £99 million in cuts is intent on introducing the system by next year.  “Whilst it […]

Model Letter for Your MP/ Councillor. “What’s Happening to Our NHS?”

You can find contact details on how to contact you MP/ Councillor via   Make sure you include your full address and postcode. Otherwise they will have an excuse not to respond! We will keep tabs on and publish who replies. I have no idea why the big font above either! Dear,  The future of NHS […]

Campaign Update: A Story From the Frontline

The success of the Mass March on Saturday 22nd September when over 500 (police figures) people turned out to demonstrate their disgust about the £99 million of local cuts and their impact, has been a catalyst for Campaign Group members to step up the level of street activity to take the message to the people.  […]