“Itemised Billing at HEY” Our Press Release.

Local Health campaigners declared themselves  “shocked and horrified” by HEY CEO Phil Morley’s recent statement that the Trust is seriously considering introducing itemised billing as a means of getting patients to  “value and appreciate the service”. 

Mr. Morley, under pressure to find £99 million in cuts is intent on introducing the system by next year. 

“Whilst it is true there are people who abuse the service, they will continue to do so regardless and with no concern to the needs of others. Why should a tiny minority of patients set the agenda for how the Trust operates? We are worried that people will be made to feel guilty for using the NHS, older people especially are very conscientiousness about money, and may feel they are being a burden, or do not feel that they are “worth it”. This may be especially true for vulnerable patients with mental health issues”, said Danny Marten, Chair of Save our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire.” 

Mr. Marten is especially disappointed by Mr. Morley’s assertion; ” “If you had been in the US, you would have had to pay for it.” which he believes is unfair. “We fund the NHS each and every one of us through our taxes. We pay for the service and this comment smacks of a race to the bottom. We are proud of our NHS which is, and must remain the envy of the world. We must maintain and improve standards rather than making comparisons with our countries”. 

The Save Our NHS Campaign is fighting to secure a rebate of the £99 million that will result in 300 acute bed closures despite more people relying on the service.

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  1. The state is there to fund our education, health, employment services. That is what it’s for. The only problem is those in charge are unfit and unwilling to meet that duty.

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