38 Degrees Petition Presented to East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group

38degrees petition been handed over by Cllr Keith Moore to Dr Gina Palumbo 18 Dec 2012Labour Councillors Keith Moore and Brent Huntingdon today led a delegation of NHS Campaigners to present a petition to the East Riding Care Commissioning Group which will oversee local health provision once the Primary Care Trusts are abolished under the Tories £3 billion top down reorganisation which did not appear in either Governing Party’s Manifesto. 

This petition, along with the ongoing Save Our Local NHS call to rebate the £99 million cuts, mean that nearly 8,000 local residents are committed to calling on the Government to reconsider, and have pushed the Labour Party into saying they will repeal the detested Health and Social Care Act as soon as they return to Office. 

Keith spoke passionately in support of the petition and Brent continued in his crusade to shine a light into the way things are going in Goole and North Lincs, where there are many questions that the authorities need to answer, from charging the disabled for hospital parking, to conflicts of interest in governance in NHS related quangos and new commissioning bodies.



Dear local CCG,

Our NHS is precious, and we’re relying on you to protect it. Please do all you can to stop local health services being broken up or taken over by irresponsible private companies. 

Protect local NHS services and consult patients properly before making changes

Spend money wisely and don’t do deals with irresponsible private companies

Adopt policies and a constitution which reflect these values. 

A full report on the meeting will appear in due course as many very worrying issues arose which the public need to know about.

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