Secretary’s Update January 2013

Save Our NHS Secretary’s Report Jan 2013. 

Since our last meeting we received delivery of the new fliers (12,500) from the printers. These are available for future petitioning and street stalls. 

We organised a street protest in the City Centre which was well attended and got us excellent TV and radio coverage. Many thanks to Mel and Rosalie for organising the trolley, and to everyone who contributed to a high profile event. 

On the back of this we have done more radio work, and now journalists are contacting us for comments regarding NHS related stories. 

We lobbied Hull City Council at the last full council meeting. 

Many thanks to Theresa Vaughan, Lyn Longbottom and Danny Foster who travelled over to Leeds for a coordinating campaigns Keep Our NHS Public meeting, which received publicity in twitter via Danny. 

The petition now stands at 7,000. Our Facebook Group numbers 312 and receives daily traffic and updates from members and is an invaluable campaigning tool. 

The weblog has 1,321 hits as of 14/1. 

We are registered with the False Economy anti cuts website. 

Dermot Rathbone. 

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