Building for an NHS Day of Action Wednesday 27th March Across Hull and East Yorks

NHSSAVESave our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire are calling for an NHS Day of Action to take place on Wednesday 27th March. 

The aim is to hi light the desperate plight of our National Health Service as it faces £1.6 billion cuts this year alone, a £3 billion top down reorganisation that will effectively take the “National” of the NHS and deliver services into the hands of the vulpine privateers such as Virgin Healthcare. Their aim is to squeeze as much taxpayer’s cash out of the NHS as they possibly can before the Service is fully privatised. 

“The Government is setting GP’s up to fail so they can blame us and sell off local services to the highest bidder”, a GP told us refusing to be named fearing consequences for the practice. 

 In December Cameron and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt were rebuked by the Head of Government Statistics Andrew Dilnot for claiming spending was up, when the reality is that £1.6 billion was slashed from patients in 2011/12. 

Andy Burnham, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary told the Commons, “We now have it in black and white: he has cut the NHS, not the deficit. The Prime Minister must come to the House of Commons at the earliest opportunity and correct his misleading boasts”. 

Locally in Hull and East Yorkshire the spectre of Virgin Healthcare haunts services in Goole, and the last Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group at which Labour Councillors Keith Moore and Brent Huntingdon spoke up for the fears of their constituents, was told that GP’s feared reforms because, “There is a whole heap of risk. It’s scary and a recipe for disaster”” 

All this chaos is compounded by the need for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust to find a monumental £99 million in so called “efficiency savings”. Ward 12 which provides the only specialist neurology beds in the Trust has closed despite the protests of consultants who wrote an open letter describing their fears that patient care will be, “critically eroded”. 

Ten wards and 300 acute beds are to be lost which Trust CEO Phil Morley describing the future of the NHS to be, “Tescos basic from now on”, in a meeting with campaigners in August last year. 

The Day of Action will see campaigners, health workers and patients take to the streets to listen to public concerns and petition Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to reverse these damaging cuts and reforms, before a mass Public Meeting with a variety of influential and speakers to be held in the City at Ruscadors, Queen St, Hull HU1 1ax near the Pier. 7pm with a FREE buffet.

Contact Dermot on 07999 492292 or email


  1. when is your next meeting in Hull?

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