Phil Morley’s Superman Video: What Staff, Patients and the Public Think.

MorleyVideoFollowing the media storm surrounding HEY Hospital Trust Phil Morley’s Super Man YouTube video which produced intense interest from the tabloid press, as well as BBC Look North, ITV Calendar and the Hull Daily Mail, we have collated some of the comments from health workers, patients and the public.

Bear in mind this latest controversy comes on the back of Mr. Morley’s £5,500 trip to Florida which included a luxury sunset cruise, and the shelling out of £18,000 on an App which those in the know tell us should have cost less than £1,000.

Every street stall we carry out across Hull and the East Riding sees staff coming to us with horror stories from the front line. When we ask, they (with one exception) refuse to go on the record, even anonymously, for fear of reprisals.

The BBC yesterday reported that 48% of HEY Trust workers are unhappy at work. That statistic says it all.

Phil Morley is surely the new David Brent”, Sam Delaney, Sky News paper review.

While I’m waiting for more staff at the Diabetes Centre you’re sat on your butt dressed as Superman messing about on your chair, You obviously do have time if you had time to make this video, Get your butt into gear mate!”

Probably like many of the posters on here, I work at this trust. I have also recently have been forcedto re-apply to the job I have been doing for years. Every day, health care professionals are working under immense pressure and stress, thanks largely to poor management and dwindling staff numbers. Now we have to watch the man entrusted in running the trust donning a superman suit and prancing around.”

I used to be proud to work for the NHS – but, this man is a joke, he should be delivering first-class care, instead of producing such crass degrading rubbish.Bring back the old Sector Administrators who know how to serve the public and look after their staff. Staff morale must be in the pits with this outrageous fool.”

There’s a possibility of people losing their jobs – then we come into work and see this video – it is a little bit insensitive.”

I am totally disgusted I work in the NHS and have had my wage cut and job changed because my trust wanted to save money then they spend millions on unneeded car parks and buildings and senior muppets like this insult us hard working people”.

“I can not believe he thought this was a good idea, staff moral at its lowest, peoplehaving to reapply for jobs, understaffed wards, need I go on. Get in the real world and stop patronising the hard working workforce.”

What an insensitive demeaning way to trivialise and laugh at those inthe NHS who are working hard, who may be suffering from stress and depression OUTRAGEOUS He should be SACKED….no doubt he would walk away with a fat pension to match his EGO”.

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  1. Guddi Singh · · Reply


    I am a doctor working on the NHS Campaign with 38 Degrees and wondered if someone could get in touch with me with regard to using your excellent blog in an article for the news website openDemocracy to highlight the fight happening at your hospital?


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