Trust CEO Phil Morley: A Template Letter to Send to Locally Elected Representatives

NHSSAVEFollowing a successful year of  campaigning it is important that due scrutiny of what is going on at HEY Hospital Trust management.

The Trust staff continue to do a magnificent job in the face of adversity and the continued attempts of the Tory led Government to set the NHS up to fail. They deserve the best leadership that can be provided in order to work in a stress reduced and professionally supported and open environment. 

Parliamentarians are paid to scrutinise local public services on our behalf, and local people who dedicate their time to serve their local community as elected Councillors also have a role to play. Please find below a letter template which you can  cut and paste in your browser.

If you are unsure who your elected representatives are, please visit for assistence.

Dear ( insert name of MP/ Councillor),

As you will be aware Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust CEO Phil Morley has attracted a great deal of local and national attention for his Superman video as part of the physiotherapy team’s efforts to encourage a healthy and less stressed working environment.

Whilst we applaud his willingness to back the campaign, and indeed to show a more light hearted approach, we have been shocked by the reaction of HEY Staff who feel that the timing of the video, when there is staff uncertainty regarding the future of their jobs, is insensitive.

The feeling amongst the staff who have contacted us is that Mr. Morley has little ability to take the temperature of his organisation and despite warm words, the Trust Management is seen as unapproachable, and there is a perceived culture of not raising concerns. Whilst we appreciate these issues are anecdotal, the sheer weight of people getting in touch and talking to us when we are doing street stalls means that the problem is a reality.

This also confirms a self acknowledged worry about poor staff morale that was raised in July last year. The report highlights that the Trust remains a “poor performer” in the NHS National Staff Survey. UNISON reported in September that their members had told them that morale was at “rock bottom” and staff “fear reprisals” if they speak out.

In addition the Management visit to a Florida Conference was mismanaged in terms of the response to publicity. Also Mr. Morley unveiled a cutting edge mobile app in October last year which was paid for out of charitable funds. As yet we can find no evidence of it going live. The cost was quoted as £16,000. Our research indicates that this cost is at least four times what it should have been.

As one of our locally elected representatives we would appreciate it if you could take time to look into this matter. The NHS, as with all tax payer funded Public Services must be open to democratic scrutiny and we look forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely,


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