Beverley and East Riding NHS Activists Say, “Public Health Not Private Wealth”

BevNHSDemoCampaigners have expressed their dismay at a damning report on care at Beverley’s new community hospital. The NHS watchdog, the Care Quality Commission’s recent report has led to the closure of 2/3 of the new hospital’s beds.

The report states that ‘At least 65% of the trained nurses were not considered to be fully competent to work in their role’ and that ‘serious incidents challenged the notion of the ward as a place of patient safety.’

This is important. The staff are in no way, shape or form to blame for this state of affairs. What happened is that the medical staff who came to work in Beverley from the Cottage Hospitals dotted around the East Riding rural areas did not receive the appropriate training or professional development needed to work to the best of their ability at the new hospital.

This is an absolutely key point, and shows the cynical disregard that the Government have for public services provided by accountable public sector staff. They want failure, and seek to cause it so that they can then use such incidents to call in the private sector. This entails giving away public services but still pouring tax payers money in. Who benefits? The leeches that own Circle Health, Virgin Healthcare and other such companies. And as if to demonstrate how putrid and squalid Parliament is, you will find MPs from all Parties such as Mark Simmonds, Mark Harper, David Blunkett and Richard Graham on the payroll of Circle, and Minister Anne Milton’s husband is a key player at Virgin Healthcare.

Speaking today, Beverley NHS activist George McManus, said, ‘While we welcome this report, we are extremely disappointed with its findings. A state of the art hospital delivered by the last  government is failing and we are concerned for its future. Fantastic staff are being let down through lack of training and are being scapegoated for poor performance’

He went on, ‘We are determined to resist any efforts by the government to privatise this fantastic new hospital. We will continue to fight for the future of our hospital and make sure that we put public health before private wealth.

Our message to potential buyers is ‘Hands Off Beverley Hospital.’

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  1. This sounds all too familiar to us in Stafford…they drip feed bad stories, expand on them, elaborate them..and wham! you have a bad hospital! Good Luck in your fight guys!

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