Demo in Support of Beverley Hospital Wed 7th August 3.30pm

BevNHSDemoThere will be a second demonstration in support of Beverley Hospital in a bid to save it from being sold off following from the successful gathering on Wed 31st July which garnered such attention in the community and in the media.

We also demand answers as to why The East Riding Community Hospital, a brand new facility opened in 2012 with funds provided by the last Government, is under pressure due to a damning report issued by the Care Quality Commission which was published yesterday.

The report says, “‘At least 65% of the trained nurses were not considered to be fully competent to work in their role’ and that ‘serious incidents challenged the notion of the ward as a place of patient safety.’

This is a blatant attempt by managers to shift blame away from themselves, and the Government policies that meant that staff were never given access to the training needed to operate the hospital.

2/3rds of beds are now shut.

Experience at other hospitals such as in Cambridge show that the Government set up hospitals to fail so that they can be farmed out to the profit driven private sector pirates such as Virgin and Circle Healthcare.

Please come and show your support for the staff and patients and demonstrate that the community as whole stands by Public Health, not Private Wealth.

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