Press Release in Response to Ongoing Crisis at Beverley Hospital

BevNHSDemoHealth Campaigners in the East Riding have reacted with dismay at the news that Humber Trust’s response to the damning report into Beverley Hospital, published last week, will not be made public as it is submitted to the Care Quality Commission. The CQC report resulted in the hospital having 2/3rds of it’s capacity shut, just a year after the state of the art hospital opened. The report criticised managers for not training the staff properly, and therefore compromising patient safety.

Theresa Vaughan is the Secretary of the Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire Campaign Group. She told the media today that, “the Trust told us that their Action Plan will be lodged with the Care Quality Commission tomorrow. It will not be made public until the end of September. They tell us that they don’t know when the beds will be re-open and that they can’t divulge the contents of the Action Plan.

We feel that this is not good enough. Beverley Hospital and its staff are getting a bad name and the longer these beds remain shut the more its public image will decline. In addition patient capacity reductions at Beverley will have an impact at other hospitals as appointments will have to be relocated”

Local Beverley NHS Campaigner George McManus concluded, “the hospital cannot re-open the beds until they get permission from the CQC so we will be asking the CQC if they can shed any light on what’s going on. Either way it means that if nothing happens before the end of September we will have been without these beds for the whole summer. There are forecasts of a crisis in our hospitals this winter. Beverley needs to fully operational as soon as possible”.

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