Burnsy’s BBC Radio Humberside NHS Debate

BurnsyBBC Radio Humberside conducted a debate on the NHS this Friday, hosted by the genial and genuinely concerned David Burns, known to one and all around these parts as Burnsy.

Featured on the show were Emma Latimer, Chief Officer, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Dr. Dan Roper Chair of the CCG.

Our intrepid activist Liz Charles was on the case to log what was said and her is a summary of the main points of interest to us.

Re. Private providers.

Burnsy asked them if there is creeping privatisation.

Emma: Some services are better done by the private sector or the voluntary and community sector. We take account of quality and cost. We have to be fair for the tax payer.

Question from Dave in Hull.

I understand that the 2 billion pound reduction of money into the NHS is closing wards and reducing staff, as well as the top down reorganisation that this Government has forced upon it. Is that why I have been waiting 5 months for a cataract operation, when my friend was offered the operation 2 days after seeing the consultant 6 years ago?

Emma: That shouldn’t happen. No-one should wait longer than 18 weeks. That is the maximum and Dave can contact her and she will take it up on his behalf.

Karl Turner, Labour MP for East Hull texted in to confirm that an incoming Labour Government in 2015 will repeal the Health and Social Care Bill as an immediate priority.

Dan: Oh!

Dan mentioned that there have been private providers and that GPs are small businesses with contracts with the NHS. Burnsy asked if they have to make a profit. He said, “I have to pay my staff.”

Trish emailed that NHS Direct was always able to advise her on which tablets she could take, etc., but when she rang 111 they didn’t.

Emma: That should not happen I will take it up.

Email: Why no midwife led maternity care?

Dr. Roper: The Jubilee Centre (Maternity) was closed by the CQC

There is a contract with Spire Hospital and patients can choose. There is no extra cost to the NHS.

Emma announced that a new Community Hospital will be built in East Hull and that they are considering NHS money should be used with others to keep the Ennerdale Centre Swimming pols open. It is a case of how to spend the Hull`pound` – joined up thinking.

If you have anything to add then email in to saveourlocalnhs@gmail.com

Many thanks to Burnsy for conducting a constructive debate on this massive issue facing our area, and the nation as a whole.

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