“No to Americanisation of Our NHS!”, Say Local Residents.

TranbyNHSLocal Labour Party activists from Tranby Ward Labour Party came together with Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorks to listen to the concerns of local residents regarding the sell off to the highest bidder of local National Health Services.

We collected signatures for our petition which can be downloaded from this site, and is to be found electronically here to be signed and shared at: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/keep-our-local-hull-and-eyorkshire-nhs-public.html%E2%80%9D%3E%E2%80%9DKeep

The main concerns that the public highlighted was the fear of the impact on services of the £100 million cuts which have been imposed by the Tory led Government to our local Hospital Trust. In addition we heard worries about poor staff morale and a bullying culture encouraged by the Management.

Perhaps most concerning comments regarding the Trade Unions at the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust (HEY). Health workers indicated that the Unions were ineffective and made little or no effort to campaign against the dastardly Health and Social Care Bill that sets up services to be sold off to any “willing provider” (notice the wording, not “qualified”). A GP told us that the Bill, “is setting up GP’s to fail, and then take the blame. The Tories can then say the public sector capability to provide health care has failed, and must be broken up to be sold off”.

But our favourite comment came from a signer of the petition which simply said. “No to Americanisation of our NHS!

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