American Health Care Is Not More Efficient

NHS-canttrustCameron-300x218A comment left on our electronic petition site.

People believe the US tax payer is free of the burden of paying for other peoples health care. That isn’t true. The tax payers in America pay around the same amount as UK tax payers for health care, exclusively, for other people, that’s right they pay about the same as UK tax payers but get no health care for themselves.

What happens is other people become ill or have an accident. They need treating and they get treated and then billed. Healthcare can be very expensive though so even if they have health insurance they may well reach the limit of that insurance cover (don’t forget the insurance firm needs to make a profit as well as the hospital), anyway at that point the person has to fund their care themselves.

It can be very expensive and the majority will run out of money fairly soon. At this point expensive lawyers are used in legally reclaiming amounts owed. This leads to the patient becoming bankrupt (the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the US is health costs).

So the tax payer then picks up the bill legal costs and all.

This is the “more efficient” system the tories want impose on us.

Don’t get sick in the USA.

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