The Consequences of NHS Privatisation and Cuts Begin To Bite

By Beverley NHS Activist George McManus
Mormon Church Bans Traditional Fare for Blood Donor Sessions
Deep concern has been expressed by a local blood donor following
news that the NHS Blood and Transplant Service, will in future, be collecting
donations at a local church.
Blood donors have been told that moving the donor sessions from the
owners suite at Beverley racecourse to the Church of Jsus Christ of Latter-
Day Saints has been prompted by the need to save money.   But donor
sessions will only take place as long as the NHS agrees to abide by the
rules of the Mormon faith which prohibit the consumption of tea on church
owned premises.
As a result the traditional tea and biscuits will no longer be on the menu
but will be replaced by cold drinks and soup.
Beverley’s George McManus, who has donated 52 pints of blood said,
‘I called  the NHS Blood and Transplant Service to express my deep concerns
about this move.   I have no problem with the NHS collecting blood as cost
effectively as possible and I would gladly attend any church, or other
venue.   I respect the Book of Mormon but I have great concerns
when blood donors are finding religious beliefs being imposed on them. 
Many blood donors share other faiths or have no faith.”
“What would happen if the local mosque offered their premises on the basis
that men would be separated from women and that women had to cover up?
It’s dangerous to say we want your blood, which can confer the gift of life,
but in order to collect it you will abide by the rules of somebody else’s faith.
I don’t think this has been thought through.’, concluded Mr. McManus

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