Crisis at Hull Royal A and E. “Confidence Building Talks Needed”, Say Campaign Group

NHSHRIOur community based Campaign Group which was formed in 2012 as a response to the £3 billion top down NHS reorganisation which no one voted for, and to £100 million in cuts to Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital (HEY) Trust, has been contacted by patients and the media over the last 24 hours. All ask the same question, “What is going on at A and E in Hull Royal Infirmary?”

Due to matters of confidentiality, and ongoing fears from staff all over HEY about management reprisals against those speaking out, we cannot be specific suffice to say overcrowding, inappropriate rooming of patients, and other dangerous issues have re enforced fears that the hospital is not coping. 

The Trust may quote figures to contradict us but we are talking here about real cases affecting real people and their families. Trotted out statistics mean nothing in the face of suffering right, here right now”, said Campaign spokesperson Dermot Rathbone. “The narrative from all concerned is that the world class staff are being let down and this has to end. The NHS is the jewel in the UK’s crown and these bad news stories undermine the hard work and dedication of the staff who always go the extra mile. We call for a round table conference involving managers, staff, patient and community groups are well as the Local Authorities served by HEY, and the locally elected representatives. We must rebuild trust and confidence so that community know they are in safe hands when they need the NHS”. 

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