Save Our Rural NHS! Lobby Hedon Town Council Meeting Thursday 27th March 6.45 pm (Meeting Starts at 7.15)

Local NHS campaigners are set to lobby Hedon Town Council to hi light the issues facing rural GP Practices due to changes imposed regarding health funding by the coalition government.



Theresa Vaughan is the Secretary of Hull and East Yorkshire Save Our Local NHS Campaign Group. She said, “The withdrawal of the Minimum Practice Income Guarantee for General Practices will disproportionately affect small rural practices, such as those in Hedon. The British Medical Association are telling us that this loss in funding may result in these surgeries being forced to close.”

Local Hedon NHS campaigner and Hedon Town Councillor Sarah Rommell said, “These practices are vital to the communities they serve, particularly in the Holderness area and therefore we call on NHS England, the Department of Health and the British Medical Association to intervene so that specific financial and administrative support is given to small rural general practices such as the one in Hedon to ensure their ongoing viability and ability to deliver a fair NHS, which free at the point of use and does not discriminate against people on the grounds of where they live.”

Dr Andrew Green is the local BMA Rep and he warned, “there will be practices that will have to close in our area. They will struggle to cope and will have no other choice. In the East Riding, if we have GP practices struggling to cope, patients will have to travel further for healthcare. Our region has a large proportion of elderly residents and rural transport isn’t its best, so they will struggle.”



  1. Steve Gallant · · Reply

    What do you expect Hedon Town Council to do about it ? Why lobby them rather than Graham Stuart MP who voted for these changes ?

    1. Its to raise awareness and engage with the local community to build a campaign. Every little helps, as they say! Mr. Stuart has been contacted and we want as many people as possible to sign our petition and make him aware of the depth of feeling about what is happening to NHS services, not just in Hull but all over the region.

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