Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust Care Quality Comission Report May 2014

The Save our NHS Hull campaign fully supports the findings of the report. Our own campaign which has been running since March 2012 has hi lighted the following issues which have today also been reported by the Care Quality Commission.

• That A&E is not fit for purpose and people wait too long in poor conditions, something the CQC said in 2013.
• That Hull Royal isn’t clean, the CQC report notes blood on the floor
• That there is a real shortage of beds, exacerbated by the £100 million cuts imposed by the Government
• That there is a culture of bullying and silence

We we started the campaign in 2012, we where told we were over reacting and and scaremongering. There was a conspiracy of silence from, NHS management and local politicians. We would like to thank UNISON the GMB, UNITE and the general public of Hull and East Yorkshire for joining us in our campaign. We were right and the “experts” and “politicians” where wrong.  We are devastated that this has happened despite warning after warning from staff and the Tade Unions.

The Staff will be feeling down abou this, because they have such pride in their work. This situation is not of their making. This is the result of a catatrophic failure of management, and the politicians who we elect and pay to scrutinise and hold the system to account.

Once again politicans have shirked their responsibilites and it has been left to the public to take action.

We now feel validated in our campaign but this isn’t the end of the matter. Going forward it is essential that our NHS is protected and we call upon NHS management, NHS workers, the public, councillors and MPs in the run up to the 2015 general election to support our NHS which is the jewel in the crown of the UK, and the envy of the world.

We call on elected representatives, and those seeking our votes to sign up to the following FIVE pledges. Let us see once and for all which politicans are prepared to stand and fight for the NHS.

1. It really is time to end private interests in the NHS, the current system isn’t working. We want 100% public ownership of our local NHS provision. We call for an elected NHS commissioner with real powers to ensure accountability and to defend public ownership
2. The the NHS management in the local trust must be urgently reformed. We need to see an end to bullying and to footballer style salaries for NHS management. We need them to secure more capacity. If there isnt enough money they should fight for more.
3. Hull Royal is not fit for purpose. It leaves patients traumatised. NHS founder Danny Marten has called for “a replacement for Hull Royal, its time to build a modern hospital for our city” . From this moment it will be a core function of our campaign to fight for a new hospital.
4. That Hull suffers huge economic inequalities which have lead to huge health inequalities. Funding cuts to health service are a disgrace and Hull deserves a funding rebate, we called for this in 2012 to deafening silence from local MPs. We call on them to fight for fair funding for the local NHS and associated services such as social care, and mental health provision.
5. The staff are the NHS’ biggest asset. We call for guaranteed terms and conditions and an end to the bullying culture.


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