Message for Hull Clinical Commissioning Group

NHScamcleggCommunity campaigners will deliver an overwhelming message of support for a publicly owned NHS, with a petition signed by over 5,000 people from Hull to the Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) this Friday.

The campaign will also hand in a NHS 66th Birthday card , where the public were invited to write personal messages of thanks and support for the lifesaving work that the NHS does every day.

The petition calls on the governing bodies to oppose the privatisation of Hull health services and to apply pressure on the government to repeal the Health and Social Care Act in full.

Hull CCG recently tendered out musculoskeletal physiotherapy services to a private company called Healthshare, and an anxiety and depression service to the City health care partnership. A further sexual health service is also currently out for tender. The peoples’ NHS are urging the Hull CCG to keep this service and any further services safe in the hands of a publicly owned NHS.

People’s NHS campaigner and Save Our NHS Hull Secretary Theresa Vaughan said: “Hull CCG is responsible for putting NHS contracts up for sale, and on the 25th July we will show them the depth of public affection for our publicly owned NHS.

It is obvious to us that the CCG is not listening to people on the street who want to keep their NHS in public hands. As a body nominated to provide health services to the people of Hull, they need to be more transparent about their decisions”

The peoples’ NHS will also be urging the Hull CCG to join them in opposing the inclusion of health services in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) currently being negotiated in Europe.

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