The People’s NHS: “Sign The Petition Against TTIP!”

The biggest threat to our NHS doesn’t come from MPs

Dear Dermot,

Last week we heard about the 24 politicians who took money from private healthcare, then voted for the health and social care act. But our MPs in Westminster aren’t the only danger to our NHS. Soon, they might be the least of our worries.

The EU and US are negotiating a new trade deal called TTIP – the transatlantic and investment partnership.If it goes through, it would spell disaster for our NHS. American companies would be able to sue the government if laws were passed that hurt their profits. That would include bringing the NHS back into public management.

Can you sign our petition today and ask David Cameron to take the NHS out of TTIP? It’s quick, secure and could make a real difference.

For something as dry as a trade deal, TTIP is getting lots of attention. Last weekend, thousands took to the streets to protest against it. [2] They wouldn’t have done that if they weren’t worried. And togehter, we’re showing that this campaign is working. People’s NHS supporters have been getting precisely the headlines Cameron doesn’t want in the run up to the election. [4] And now his government is panicking! First, they said that the NHS wasn’t included in TTIP. [5] And now they say that it is, but don’t worry, it won’t affect how it’s run! [6]

This is nonsense. If TTIP wasn’t going to affect how the NHS is run, why wouldn’t Cameron just make sure that this was made clear in the text of the deal? (If only to keep people like us off his back?) The reason is as simple as it is scary. Cameron wants to the NHS included, because he wants to see our NHS sold off to his paymasters, big private healthcare.

But there is hope. There is nationwide movement to keep the NHS out of TTIP. A big petition can add to the momentum, and keep the pressure piled up on Cameron. After all, the French have taken their film industry out of TTIP, there’s no reason why Cameron can’t do the same for the NHS. [3]

We can’t leave the NHS open to the vultures of American healthcare. Please, sign the petition today and let’s keep the pressure on Cameron to save our NHS from TTIP.

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