Stop Privatisation and TTIP: Mass March and Rally Sat 15th Nov.

nhsgrIMREAPEROn Saturday 15th November there will be a Mass March and Rally by Hull People’s NHS and Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorkshire to protest against privatisation of NHS services and the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Campaigners will gather outside the BBC Building in Queens Gardens at Mid Day. The Fire Brigade Union Band will lead demonstrators around Hull City Centre. There will then be a rally with a variety of speakers from across the community starting at 1.45.

£30 million worth of Hull NHS contracts have been awarded to private companies whose legal obligation is to place profit before all considerations. These include physiotherapy as well as Depression and Anxiety Services.

The People’s NHS warns that TTIP would cost at least one million jobs between the EU and US and prevent any future UK government repealing the Health and Social Care Act and bringing the NHS back into public hands.

In addition, the rally will step up resistance to the similar treaty between the EU and Canada, known as CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement).

Leaked documents on CETA show the UK is the only member state giving unconditional support for the European Commission in its desire to introduce new powers for business at the expense of democracy and the rule of law.

And another target for the demonstrators will be further international liberalisation, TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), involving the EU, US, Canada and many other countries.

People’s NHS Chair Lyn Longbottom said: “The people of Hull reject these deals to break up the NHS and 10,000 people have signed our petition demanding an end to privatisation. We are fighting back on all fronts. Hull says no to this corporate-driven trade model, which is set to undermine peoples’ rights, democracy and the environment.”

Theresa Vaughan is Secretary Hull People’s NHS. She said, “We are concerned that The European Commission rejected a proposal from 230 groups, representing millions, to hold a European Citizens’ Initiative against the EU deals with the US and Canada. These deals to break up the NHS are being done in secret and we have prime minister who is unable or unwilling to save the NHS from private profiteers. We believe that privatisation and TTIP are a toxic mix posing threats to healthcare and employment as well as to pay and collective bargaining over working conditions and we see a race to the bottom for patients and workers alike”.

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