The NHS “Five Year Forward View” (5YFV): Our Response

NHScamcleggNHS England is producing a “Five Year Forward View” (5YFV) to be published tomorrow (23/10/14).

The public has been made aware in advance of some of the topics under review.

  1. They include, A clear vision, setting out the particular contribution that the NHS and others can make to the health of our nation, and the transformation required to meet the changing needs of current and future patients.
  2. A shared understanding of the extent and nature of the gap between where we are and where we need to be, including: the ‘financial’context for both demand and supply, the ‘health’ opportunity and the ‘care’ opportunity – transformation requires all three to be addressed.
  3. A range of care models that could deliver transformation (the what) identifying the actions required at the local and national level to support delivery (how).
  4. Priority areas for targeting transformation, identifying what needs to happen to support delivery and the potential benefits for patients and taxpayers.
  5. Actions that we can take nationally to create the conditions for local action.

It is of vital importance that we don’t get dragged into yet another “top down” reorganisation. The last one cost £3 billion and ended up causing huge damage and pressure being piled on local service providers as the Government looked to shift responsibility, and therefore blame away from elected Ministers, Parliament and the Secretary of State when things go wrong.

The ultimate aim is to break up the NHS and see the most lucrative contracts privatised (£30 million’s worth so far in Hull this year alone) and local authorities and the charity sector pick up the pieces. Food Banks provide a template. Society has failed and these dedicated and caring volunteers feel they can’t stand idly by. It is not a vast leap to see this model being needed for basic healthcare, especially for the elderly and vulnerable adults. Just ask the Doncaster Care UK workers what happens when the private sector gets involved in Adult Care Services.

These are the key areas where would like see affirmative action from NHS England and the Government.

  1. Abolition in full of the Health and Social Care Bill.
  2. An end to privatisation. Where contracts have to be tendered at the current time the NHS must be the preferred provider. The NHS must be taken out of TTIP and CETA.
  3. Full funding and a commitment to place the staff at the centre of how the NHS is run. No more top down reorganisation imposed from central Government. Democratic control should involve all stake holders including patients and staff in co operative partnership. There should be discussions around having fully elected Health Boards and an elected local Health Commissioner. Locally we want to see a round table conference about the future of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust given the recent Care Quality Commission Report and systematic bullying of staff.
  4. De centralisation of services away from vast hospitals. Too many people are needlessly sent to hospital and we want to see an integrated NHS and National Care Service to help people remain in their communities with full support including seven day and evening GP services. Primary care must be the main focus from now on.
  5. Health Education should be a core subject in the National Curriculum and be part of lifelong learning. It must be taught properly in partnership with health professionals. Ignorance is the hand maiden of poor health outcomes.

The next election is crucial to the future of the NHS. The Labour Party and the Lib Dems have promised more cash but this will be irrelevant if privatisation is speeded up. All we will see is public money going into the pockets of private profiteers. We know the Tories see the NHS as a, “Sixty year mistake” as Jeremy Hunt described in a 2008 book with Daniel Hannon. UKIP are in favour of open and unashamed privatisation via a voucher system to “allow people to escape the NHS”.

Only the Green Party have an unequivocal approach to the NHS staying in wholly public hands.

If you believe in the future of the NHS as being free at the point of use and out of the hands of profiteers via TTIP then come and join the People’s NHS Mass March and Rally on Saturday 15th November. Assemble Mid Day outside the BBC in Hull, Queens Gardens.

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