Monthly Archives: November 2014

Richard Corbett MEP Speaks Out On TTIP

Richard Corbett is the Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber. He made time in his incredibly busy Saturday schedule which involved campaigning all over Yorkshire, to join our local councillors and speak at our Community Mass March and Rally. The MPs had other priorities which did not involve campaigning or standing shoulder to shoulder in a public […]

The People’s NHS: “Email Your MP, Say NO to TTIP!”

Newspapers this week are reporting a shocking story. 70 coalition MPs – including yours – have links with private healthcare companies. [1] These MPs voted for the Health and Social Care Act – a law that carves up the NHS and gives it to these very same private healthcare companies! Our MPs are lining their […]

Hull People’s NHS TTIP Mass Community March and Rally Attracts the Crowds.

The People’s NHS in association with Save our NHS Hull and E. Yorkshire put on a Mass March and Rally around Hull City Centre which attracted the attention of hundreds of well wishers and informed the public of the real and present danger that the Trans Atlantic Trading and Investment Partnership poses to the NHS. […]

It’s Official: The DoH Says NHS Is NOT Excluded From TTIP.

TTIP is a lethal cocktail which is set to destroy the NHS. It means any “willing provider” (not “qualified”) can bid for NHS contracts as they come up. There will be NOTHING that any future UK Government could do about this. The rules mean that there is a legal obligation to tender. If the NHS […]