It’s Official: The DoH Says NHS Is NOT Excluded From TTIP.

ttipTTIP is a lethal cocktail which is set to destroy the NHS. It means any “willing provider” (not “qualified”) can bid for NHS contracts as they come up. There will be NOTHING that any future UK Government could do about this. The rules mean that there is a legal obligation to tender. If the NHS doesn’t follow this then they can be sued under competition rules and laws.

The full DoH statement is outlined below.

Please join us on Saturday (115/11/14) in Hull City Centre at 12pm in the Rose Bowl, Queens Gardens for a Community Mass March and Rally to show we will not let this stand. We call on Cameron to use his veto to exempt UK public services from TTIP and for the Labour Party to stand with us. The choice is their’s. It’s simple (for once!) Yes/ No issue.

As Billy Bragg put it, “Which Side Are You On?”

Department of Health’s response to The People’s NHS campaign about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The government believes that the inclusion of health in the TTIP does not threaten the public nature of the NHS, but provides an opportunity for European businesses, including improving access to the US market for the UK’s world-class pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors.

Decisions about the commissioning of NHS care will remain with local GP-led commissioners, who will continue to act solely in the best interests of patients.

The European Commission has explicitly ruled out public services from the scope of any market liberalisation in the TTIP. The agreement will not require participating EU members to open up their national health systems to private providers. Following the most recent round of negotiations, both EU and US negotiators have confirmed this position.

The rules on investment protection for the TTIP will be negotiated carefully to preserve the right of the government to regulate in the public interest, whilst offering international investors access to justice if they feel they have been discriminated against unfairly. This agreement is not new, and the UK has over 90 similar agreements in place.

The European Commission carried out a public consultation on the investor protection provisions earlier this year. The consultation sought stakeholder views on what modern investment provisions should look like in the TTIP.

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