UNITE On Yorkshire Ambulance Service: “Your Action Can Save Lives –

YASYorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Poor morale is being reported from the frontline as paramedics are being pushed aside in favour of cheaper and less qualified staff.

On December 4th YAS, which is making £10 million in cuts this year, was threatened with a £4 million fine for failing to get to life threatening situations within the eight minute Government set target.

A report also criticised YAS for poor performance at Hull Royal Infirmary regarding handover delays.

UNITE the Union is calling for patient safety to be put right at the top of YAS’ agenda with a petition calling for staff raising concerns to be supported and not subjected to a bullying style of management. Please read the information below, sign the petition and share it as widely as you can.

“The Yorkshire Post reports that Leeds Council and Healthwatch are both investigating YAS. We have been amazed by the hundreds signing our petition online and many hundreds more in the streets. We have also been overwhelmed by the numbers of staff and service users telling us horror stories of how the people of Yorkshire are being let down by cost-cutting and manipulation of data.

Now we need your help – Take action now

Every new signature counts. We want to be able to show YAS and the local authorities and other stakeholders the scale of concern. You can make sure our voice gets heard.

Whistle-blowers won’t be silenced 

Despite Unite whistle-blowers at YAS facing disciplinary action, dozens more have come forward to share their stories, as have many members of the public. We intend to bring these to the attention of YAS and ensure that these serious concerns are dealt with. If you have a story to tell, you can tell us now, on our confidential reporting page at: act.unitetheunion.org/page/s/yorkshire-ambulance-service
What paramedics want:

Unite paramedics are calling on the Board and management of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to:

  • Enter into meaningful negotiations on patient safety to protect lives
  • Reinstate our right to trade union recognition
  • Halt disciplinary action against Unite whistle-blowers

Together with your help, we can help them win. Take action now

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