Election 2015. Five Questions for Candidates on the NHS

ballotboxWithout doubt the general election, to be held on 7th May this year will be one of the most volatile and unpredictable elections in modern history with the so called Big Three being challenged in England by the rise of the Green Party, UKIP and local independent candidates. In addition there is a full election for all the Council seats in the East Riding, plus one third of the seats are up for grabs in Hull’s Guildhall.

There are many issues that will be discussed but the future of the NHS is at a critical stage. £100 million cuts are decimating Hull Royal Infirmary, we have chaos at Yorkshire Ambulance and a Cottingham GP Dr. Jeanette Brooke of the Chestnut Surgery told the media today, This Government is running the health service into the ground”.

Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorkshire does not endorse any political party. But what we do ask is that the voters demand clear and unequivocal answers to the following questions which can put to Parliamentary and Council candidates alike. We, the voters can make our decision based on the responses received.

  • Will, if elected you support and actively campaign for the abolition of the 2012 Health and Social Care Bill IN FULL? The last two words are key. Otherwise a “cherry picking” process will ensue. We need a new Bill which enshrines the values of the NHS as free at the point of use, fully funded from the public purse and democratically accountable.
  • Do you agree that the NHS privatisation must be halted and then reversed so private providers are excluded in order to make, “Public Health Not Private Wealth” a reality over the course of the next Parliament?
  • Will you campaign to restore full funding to our local NHS by reversing the £100 million cuts to Hull and E. Yorkshire Hospitals Trust (HEY) which has resulted in chronic staff shortages and the closure of vital services such as the specialist Neurological Ward 12 at Hull Royal?
  • Will you hold hospital managers to account and work to end the culture of bullying at HEY?
  • If elected will you ensure that Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) reverse the trend of not sending two paramedics to 999 calls which has resulted in staff being forced into needlessly distressing situations? In addition will you work to guarantee the 8 minute response target for emergency calls? Finally will you call on YAS to work in a constructive way with all Trade Unions?

We would be interested to hear what responses, if any you get from currently elected politicians and those who aspire to serve in elected representative positions.

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