YAS and Unite Start to Address Concerns. Thanks for all you did!

YASUnite’s dispute with Yorkshire Ambulance Service has been addressed. We asked for your help in ensuring that concerns about patient safety were heard. Over 4,000 of you answered the call and a settlement has been reached that ensures these concerns will be properly looked into and investigated. This includes the persecution of whistle blowers, replacing paramedics with Emergency Care Assistants who have only six weeks worth of training, and downgrading of 11,000 999 calls last year alone. This represents a step in the right direction and has been brought about by bottom up pressure from the public. YAS must show good will to ensure proper progress. The Union must not take this as read and let YAS off the hook.

Joint statement from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Unite the Union

Both parties are resolved to settle all outstanding issues and return immediately to a normalised working relationship. The priority of both YAS and Unite is to ensure the delivery of a first-class ambulance service for the people of Yorkshire and Humberside.

In acknowledgement of the fact that both parties have committed to building a constructive working relationship, an agreement has now been reached that will see Unite formally re-recognised by the Trust. Both parties will now work together on all relevant issues to safeguard the interests and safety of patients.

Both YAS and Unite are now looking forward to forging a new relationship based on mutual respect and a commitment to the people of Yorkshire and Humberside.

Thanks again for everything you did.

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