Coalition Cuts Accelerate Privatisation.


The savage cuts wrought on the NHS by Tory led coalition government has led to a catastrophic backlog of urgent cases. The solution the Lib Dem backed government has come up with? Send these cases to the private sector who are set to hoover up £3/4 Billion worth of tax payer money to pull the NHS out of its current crisis.

Meanwhile the hard work and dedication of the staff goes unacknowledged amidst a slew of bad news stories. The everyday miracles performed in our world class NHS are buried by a sea of negativity.

Is this what those Parties committed to the free market really want? To see the NHS creaking and about to collapse? Then the excuse will be that only the private sector can rescue the NHS? All questions that need to be considered as we decide how to cast our ballot in a few short weeks.

Here is the Guardian’s Denis Campbell reporting.

NHS agrees largest-ever privatisation deal to tackle backlog

Plan by NHS Supply Chain to deal with backlog of patients waiting for surgery and tests will see 11 companies paid £780m to diagnose and treat patients.

The NHS has agreed the biggest-ever privatisation of its services in a deal worth up to £780m intended to help hospitals tackle the growing backlogs of patients waiting for surgery and tests.

The deal will see 11 private firms paid by the NHS to carry out heart, joint and other types of operations and perform scans, X-rays and other diagnostic tests on patients.

The deal has been struck by the little-known body called NHS Supply Chain, which helps the health service with procurement. NHS Supply Chain has agreed the scale of the work across the health service and individual NHS trusts will now be able to hire the mobile firms to help clear backlogs.

The contract has raised concern because three of the 11 profit-driven companies involved have been heavily criticised, including two by the NHS regulator, for providing poor quality of care in hospitals and care homes.

The 11 firms stand to pocket up to £780m over the four years to December 2018. That eclipses the previous record NHS privatisation deal, which saw Virgin Care get a £500m contract in 2012 to provide community services in south-west and north-west Surrey until 2017.

Ask your local candidates to respond in writing to this revelation. Let us know their responses by emailing and we will publish the results.

Those seeking our vote must be clear. Do they agree with privatisation or do they want to see all services delivered by an NHS free at the point of use and funded 100% from taxation with no private profiteers involved?

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