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Jude Kirton Darling MEP Responds to Our Questions on TTIP Vote

Last week we asked the group of MEP’s on a key committee what their response was to the attempts of the Free Market zealots including our own Conservative MEP’s to force through the shady Trans Atlantic Treaty and Investment Partnership. The TTIP deal would, as it stands open up the irreversible privatisation of our NHS. We are campaigning to take the NHS […]

TTIP: Stop the Secret Stitch Up!

Urgent: on Monday, MEPs will vote to change parts of the shady US/EU trade deal, TTIP. Almost unnoticed, a group of right-wingers from across Europe have put in an innocuous-looking amendment that would radically weaken any protections for our NHS. If this passes, private companies could argue that parts of our NHS are no longer […]

Demonstrate in Hull Against Misuse of the NHS Logo by Virgin Health “Care”

Hull campaigners call on Virgin to stop hiding behind the NHS logo. When: Wednesday 24th June, 11am   Where: Story Street medical practice and walk-in centre, 6-10 Story Street, Hull, HU1 3SA   What: Local health campaigners will wear Richard Branson masks to highlight Virgin hiding behind the logo.   Health campaigners in Richard Branson […]

Virgin Healthcare: Some Things You Might Like to Know

Information provided by  the NHS Support Federation. Virgin operate some GP services as well as walk in centres in Hull and are part of the aggressive move to privatise the NHS in our area. £30 million worth of NHS contracts were privatised here in Hull during 2014 including physiotherapy. This is the company stalking our local NHS! […]

Commons Speech by John McDonnell on TTIP

  We are asking that our MP’s in the region, from whichever Party, support John McDonnell’s call for openness and transparency regarding TTIP. This is a live a pressing issue. They need to tell us what they think and not wait for the “Party line”. John McDonnell I have tabled two amendments concerning the Transatlantic Trade and […]

Join Us This Week To Campaign Against “The Great NHS Sell Off!”

In association with the People’s NHS Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire are calling on Virgin Healthcare and other private companies attempting to turn a profit out of NHS contacts to come clean and display their logos, rather than hiding behind the supremely trusted NHS badge. What are they scared of? Usually Virgin are […]

Taking on Virgin Private Profiteers: TTIP Pause Shows the Way

Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorkshire is once again joining forces with the People’s NHS. This time we are exposing the rapid sell off of the NHS into private hands via the takeover of Walk in Centres and aspects of GP practices in Hull by Virgin Healthcare. Last year we combined with the People’s […]