“Virgin: Stop Hiding Behind the NHS Logo!” by retired GP Dr. Ron Singer


You might have heard that since 2012, private companies like Virgin have been running more and more NHS services. But when they run these services, they don’t have to use their own logo – they can hide being the white and blue of the NHS.

Why the cover up? Could it be that the government and private companies do not want us to know how may contracts in our NHS are being won by private contractors?

I’m Ron, I’m a retired GP and NHS Activist from East London. I’m writing because I don’t think that’s right. Patients should know whether or not they’re being treated by the NHS. Please sign this petition now, and let’s ask Virgin to tell us when they’re treating us.

Virgin spends millions promoting their brand. Their logo appears on trains, planes, even wine bottles.But when it comes to a lot of the NHS, they hide away – their logo doesn’t appear anywhere on some of the NHS services they run. They know most of us don’t want to be treated by someone who will profit from our illness, so it’s our job to expose them. Together, we can help shine a light on what’s really happening in our NHS.

Earlier today, activists like myself staged a protest in front of the Virgin Care HQ in London. It’s our way of telling people that some of our NHS services are not what we think they are – they’ve become Virgin profit centres. Act now, and let’s make sure more people know about what’s going on in our NHS.

But Virgin are only doing what the government allow them to do. The government lets companies use the NHS logo because they don’t want us to see, every time we use our NHS, that it’s being sold off. That’s why this petition needs to go as widely as it can. The more people who know about Virgin, the more they’ll discover about the sell-off of our NHS. With a new government in power, this is our chance to pressure them to change. Please sign the petition today.


There are lots of examples of private companies providing NHS services without disclosing who they really are: http://www.peoplesnhs.org/how-come-we-didnt-know-marion-macalpine/
You can see the true extent of Virgin’s NHS business on their website: http://www.virgincare.co.uk/

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