TTIP: Stop the Secret Stitch Up!


Urgent: on Monday, MEPs will vote to change parts of the shady US/EU trade deal, TTIP. Almost unnoticed, a group of right-wingers from across Europe have put in an innocuous-looking amendment that would radically weaken any protections for our NHS.

If this passes, private companies could argue that parts of our NHS are no longer publicly funded services.

This means that private companies could run them forever. Don’t let them get away with it!

Can you write to your MEPs now and ask them to vote against this amendment.

Writing to our MEPs could make a big difference. None of them are part of the group that put this amendment forward, so they won’t be under much pressure from their party. And most of them won’t be used to this level of attention from their constituents. So just imagine how it’ll feel to get suddenly flooded with emails! And this time, they can do what the public want, without upsetting their boss.

Getting MEPs on side strengthens our hand at home too. Even if this amendment still goes through, we can show the UK government that even their own MEPs don’t think the NHS is safe. This puts the government under huge pressure to act, and could see our NHS saved for good.

So please write to your MEPs today. This area of law-making is often complicated. But People’s NHS have made a tool to make it easy, and spells out exactly what you should say. You can personalise it however you want, too.

With thanks to the People’s NHS and UNITE the Union.

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