Jude Kirton Darling MEP Responds to Our Questions on TTIP Vote


Last week we asked the group of MEP’s on a key committee what their response was to the attempts of the Free Market zealots including our own Conservative MEP’s to force through the shady Trans Atlantic Treaty and Investment Partnership. The TTIP deal would, as it stands open up the irreversible privatisation of our NHS. We are campaigning to take the NHS out of the Treaty.

First to respond was Jude Kirton-Darling Labour Member of the European Parliament for the North East of England

In order to influence the TTIP negotiations at this stage, Labour MEPs have been pushing the European Parliament to adopt a text setting out clearly what we want to see in the final agreement and what we reject. This is one of the most significant mean at our disposal to ensure that TTIP negotiators take the  public’s concerns into account

“All 751 MEPs were due to vote on this resolution two weeks ago in the plenary of the European Parliament, but the vote was postponed at the last minute by a decision of the speaker of the European Parliament. According to parliamentary procedures this postponement entails that all amendments tabled by MEPs must now be screened by the European Parliament’s Trade Committee, which has to decide whether the amendments will be authorised to be re-tabled when the resolution is finally brought back to the plenary of the European Parliament. This is what what we will vote on Monday. As one of the 41 MEPs sitting in the Trade Committee, I will take part in this vote. 

“Alongside my Labour colleagues, I disagreed with the decision to postpone the plenary vote in the first place. Labour MEPs were ready to vote two weeks ago. We believe that the resolution should be put back on the plenary agenda as soon as possible, and that all MEPs should have a chance to take a stance on TTIP. This is why Labour MEPs will propose that all amendments can be re-tabled in the plenary. I don’t believe that 41 MEPs should decide on behalf of 751 MEPs. 

“On the issue of public services, the specific amendment you mentioned in your email regarding section 1 point b point vii was tabled by conservative MEPs to weaken a Labour amendment. We had managed to introduce a strong paragraph calling for a full exclusion of all public services from TTIP, and now Conservative MEPs are trying to remove a crucial element of this paragraph.

“I am not prepared to accept this. The Labour party will not accept TTIP if it endangers in any way our public services, and we have made it clear that we will vote against the final deal if this is case. We have therefore decided that we will vote against the European Parliament resolution if this Conservative amendment is adopted.”


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