People Power Defeats TTIP Ammendment

But the battle is far from over!


Last week, we sent out an email about a TTIP amendment that could have weakened our NHS even more. And wow did you respond – over 31,000 letters sent to MEPs, TTIP is bad news but if that amendment had passed, private companies would have got even more room to sue governments for trying to reverse the sell-off of our NHS.

But we stopped it! Official EU records show that the amendment to weaken protections for our NHS has been dropped!

We’re not out the woods yet. TTIP is still one of the biggest threats that the NHS has ever known. David Cameron and his new minister, Francis Maude must make sure that our NHS is safe from any and all legal attacks. But together, we showed what we achieve when we work together. We stopped TTIP becoming even worse. And that is worth celebrating.

Please keep your eyes and open and let’s stop TTIP wrecking the NHS. 

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