“Marketisation is Killing our NHS”, say Campaigners


“Full Disclosure Required” Say Local Residents as HEY Spends £8 million on Shift Cover

Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire Secretary Theresa Vaughan says she is, “deeply concerned” regarding today’s revelation that Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust (HEY) spent £8 million on staff cover for doctors and consultants shifts over the last year. (1)

“Given the context of £100 million cuts announced in 2012 and the fact that the Trust is being forced by the Department of Health to hand over the £8 million made from the sale of land around Castle Hill we find it very worrying that they are spending such huge sums of money to cover shifts at the hospital. We were frankly flabbergasted to learn that a shift on Christmas Day cost the Trust £2,000 and cover was charged at £1,000 a shift over the four day Easter period. The fault does not lie with the staff but with the culture of marketisation which has been fostered by successive Governments in London. The shortage of staff in our local NHS must be addressed by increasing recruitment and training so that our hospitals are not forced to compete for doctors in the market place by buying in cover on such a regular basis”. 

HEY Finance Director Lee Bond told local media that he was “discouraged” that he was now not in a position to spend £8 million ear marked for the “precarious” state of Hull Royal and Castle Hill Hospitals. This is the exact amount spent on cover. (2) 

“We need full disclosure on how and why HEY Managers spent such a huge sum on cover and we call on our locally elected representatives to stand up to the Department of Health and their demands to cut £2.1 billion nationally and £21.9 million locally from front line spending on patient care”, concluded Mrs. Vaughan. (3)  

Notes for Editors.         

  • Story and figures courtesy of Hull Daily Mail investigation 3/8/15
  • Bond quoted speaking to HEY Board members 1/8/15
  • Figures from Department of Health quoted by Kings Fund 22/5/15

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