We Shall Overcome Friday 2nd October Pave, Princes Ave


Hull and East Riding Save our NHS is joining with the People’s NHS to promote our continuing campaign against TTIP which is not a tea bag, rather it is a dangerous Trade Agreement between the EU and the US which threatens the very existence of the NHS.

We will be part of the We Shall Overcome Sessions at Pave on Princes Ave this Friday (2nd October) speaking around 7pm. Thanks to the organisers Fynn Ralph Harper and others. You can find out more here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/843140119094835/

Dr. Peter Asquith Cowan a local academic explains TTIP.

Most people have never heard of it. This is the so-calledTransatlantic  Trade and Investment Partnership. Over a year ago EU ministers and US bureaucrats were holding ‘Secret’ talks behind closed doors and were planning the biggest corporate power grab ever. If agreed, this EU-US trade deal (TTIP) would grant American Corporate Business giants the power to sue governments, threatening to lock-in the privatisation of our public sector, our schools and the NHS; not only in Britain but across the entire EU. This has brought such a groundswell of protest across Europe that for the time being TTIP has been placed on the back-boiler, but be in no doubt, when the time is right, it will re-surface to threaten European Democracy as we know it.

This is a business deal that would have devastating and irreversible impacts on our society. We have been shut out of the decision making process. Negotiations are shrouded in secrecy. Anyone taking part must sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The NHS should be excluded from any trade deal between the EU and America.
David Cameron could have exercised his veto and ‘ring-fenced’ the NHS. He chose to turn a blind eye. That is just “How safe our NHS is in his hands.
France excluded their film industry through fears that money and artistic control would flow abroad.
Neither Ed Miliband, Nicola Sturgeon, Nick Clegg or Nigel Farage mentioned TTIP during the election. Only The Green Party ruled it out.
If  TTIP were ever to be agreed, it would be the largest bilateral trade deal ever negotiated, backed by international law and policed by ‘Secret’ courts. At the stroke of a pen our “Sovereignty” would be torn in pieces, national law would be ignored and side-stepped and  our democracy eroded.  We would be giving all we hold dear to American Corporate Giants on a plate – including the NHS.
Post election soon to be Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told the Commons, “. I want to place on the agenda what is happening with TTIP. I want the Prime Minister to address that in his discussions, and when he reports back to the House and the country about the way forward, I want him to detail the achievements he has made, to open up the transparency and openness of those negotiations. The major issue with TTIP is that the Prime Minister, until now, has not seen it as particularly relevant or important to give us a direct report on those negotiations, so those negotiations have remained secret.”
John and Jeremy Corbyn are in a position to stop TTIP and it will be interesting to see if they stick to their promises. We must hold them to account


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