Join the People’s Assembly NHS Day of Action this Monday!

Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorkshire activists will be joining the National NHS Day of Action called by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

When: Monday 29th February Mid Day- 2pm

Where: Hull Royal Infirmary, Anlaby Road Entrance.


Twitter: @saveournhshull


Demonstrations will be taking place across the UK as the effects of Austerity are biting in the NHS.

In June 2012 Hull and E. Yorkshire Hospital Trust (HEY) unveiled £100 of cuts and the closure of 300 beds. At the time consultants wrote an open letter saying, “care will be critically eroded”. Karl Turner, MP for East Hull said he believed that the cash squeeze would, “cause people to lose their lives”.  

Theresa Vaughan is a former nurse who is the Secretary of the Save Our NHS Hull and E.Yorkshire campaign group. She said, 

Over the last five years the Conservative Party’s relentless austerity drive has eroded the welfare state and as NHS workers our ability to provide good quality care to the millions who rely on our services is being hampered.
“Recent governments have targeted the NHS for cuts and “reform” in order to mould it into an institution primarily geared to serve private sector interests. Deliberate underfunding, as well as the recent attack on the working conditions of junior doctors, threatens patient care and the long term sustainability of the NHS.”
Dean Kirk is an organising activist with Hull People’s Assembly.

“The Government’s proposed scrapping of NHS student bursaries will limit the healthcare professions only to those who can fund their own training. 
Our public services must be preserved for the welfare of all who need them and we ask everyone who can to join the demonstration outside Hull Royal Infirmary this Monday at Mid Day. It is important that our local NHS workers appreciate just how much our community values their selfless work, often under stressful circumstances to make our area a beacon of excellence in the NHS”.

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