Support the Hospital Doctors. “Their Fight Is Our Fight”, Say Campaigners

When: Wednesday 9th March 10am to 1pm

Where: Hull Royal Infirmary, Anlaby Road.


Theresa Vaughan is the Secretary of Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire. She said, ” The Government has an aggressive programme of cuts and privatisation to fulfil. Our hospital workers are amongst the most well respected members of society, and as the British Attitudes Survey found out 90% of residents across the UK and across the political spectrum want a fully tax payer funded NHS. By singling out hospital Doctors Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is hoping to divide workers which then allows him to move on and destroy terms and conditions right across the Health sector, and beyond.”

Residents and activists will be joining the Hospital Doctors outside Hull Royal to solidarity with their fight.

“The Hospital Doctors fight is our fight”, said Mrs. Vaughan a former nurse.

Campaign co founder Dermot Rathbone said, “Recent governments have targeted the NHS for cuts and “reform” in order to mould it into an institution primarily geared to serve private sector interests. Deliberate underfunding, as well as the recent attack on the working conditions of junior doctors, threatens patient care and the long term sustainability of the NHS. Our conversations with public tell us that they want the NHS to be fully funded, protected from the dangerous EU/ US Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and to be free from the private profiteers whose aim is private wealth and the expense of public health.”

“The NHS will last as long as folk are prepared to fight for it.” Nye Bevan founder of the NHS. 

Join the Facebook event here and spread the word even if you are unable to attend in person!



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