Public Meeting Wed 1st June: ” The NHS Sell Off: A Global Business Plan”

Speakers include Nick Dowson, author and political commentator who is a leading national campaigner and The National Health Action Party’s Northern Regional Coordinator.


When: Wednesday 1st June 7PM

Where: Union Mash Up , Princes Avenue, Hull HU5 3QA


“NHS founder Nye Bevan said, ‘the NHS will remain as long as there are people left to fight for it’ – we need you now!” – Martin Deane, Hull & East Riding Green Party.

“The threat of a huge Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) hangs over the NHS. But it doesn’t need to be like this. If David Cameron did what health professionals and the public want by exempting the NHS from TTIP then the threat of forced privatisation would recede”, Theresa Vaughan, Secretary Save Our NHS Hull and E. Yorks.

Even as this government spins about patient safety, a ’24/7 NHS’ and more NHS money, it is dismantling and privatising the NHS and cutting public health spending, making our health service increasingly dysfunctional.

Across the NHS organisations are struggling to recruit the people they need, and staffing levels will only worsen if the government continues to push through unpopular contracts and decrease pay.

Worst of all, by removing the Secretary of State’s duty to provide comprehensive health service with the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, and fragmenting the NHS into foundation trusts and other organisations that are forced to compete financially, the government has wasted billions that NHS organisations have been forced to spend commissioning and bidding for services.

And joined up, patient-centred care, provided according to need is giving way to profit-centred and increasingly rationed healthcare, further and further from people’s homes as local hospitals and A&Es are closed in the name of ‘sustainability’”

“I will be talking about the history of the NHS and also of the long history of attempts by consecutive governments to erode its original principles. The NHS is under attack now more than ever: the current government is accelerating its commercialisation with total disregard for patient safety and people’s health. However, cuts and the handing of NHS services to private companies is being clothed in the jargon of ‘sustainability and transformation footprints’ and the ‘Five Year Forward View’,” said Mr. Howson.

Please come along and make your voice heard. Only by educating ourselves and the public can we fight back against this dastardly Government and their apologists who, by their inaction facilitate the destruction of the NHS.

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