Sensational Victory as Campaign to Exclude NHS From TTIP Wins the Day

+ PM forced into embarrassing U turn as cross Party alliance threatens Queen’s Speech defeat.

+ Victory hailed by anti privatisation campaigners.  


Local NHS Campaigner Leader Theresa Vaughan is, “absolutely delighted” as her team’s campaign to exclude the NHS from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment (which includes appeal courts sitting in secret judgement on privatisation deals) won a stunning Commons victory.

An alliance between Labour, the SNP and other smaller Parties including the Greens and Irish Unionists which tabled an amendment to the Queen’s Speech to exclude the NHS from TTIP was supported by 25 Tory MP’s. This wiped out the Government’s majority and had it gone to a vote Cameron would have been the first prime minister since Stanley Baldwin in 1924 to lose such a vote. Mr. Baldwin had to resign.

“Since TTIP was first in the public eye back in 2013 we have warned of it’s danger to the NHS. The deal would have allowed US Corporations to bid for the best and most lucrative NHS contracts with crucial decisions taken behind closed doors away from democratic scrutiny. We asked the people of Hull what they thought and 10,000 of them signed a petition demanding that the PM protect the NHS from TTIP. In November 2014 300 marched through Hull with Labour and CoOperative European Parliamentarian Richard Corbett and earlier this year the East Riding joined the campaign by lobbying local MPs Andrew Percy and David Davis. This build up of pressure from the public has worked and we want to thank everyone for their support”said Mrs. Vaughan.

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France was so worried about TTIP that President Hollande demanded, and won, special status for their iconic film industry. Now the UK is set to follow suit with the NHS.

“This victory must be a springboard for a continuing fight to save the NHS from privatisation”, said Mrs. Vaughan. “We have seen locally the sell off to private companies of £30 million in NHS services including physiotherapy, sexual health and depression and anxiety services and nationally Blood and Transplant is now owned by the same firm as Dunkin Donuts. All the evidence and experiences such as the Circle owned Hinchingbrooke Hospital which had to be rescued by the Government shows that privatisation equals soaring costs and reduced services. TTIP would have opened the floodgates. Now we must fight tooth and nail to oppose piecemeal sell offs,” concluded Mrs. Vaughan.

If you want to know more about the sell off of the NHS there is a Public Meeting on Wednesday 1st June 7pm.
Venue: Union Mash Up
22-24 Princes Avenue, HU5 3QA Kingston upon Hull





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