RIP TTIP But Beware of the CETA Threat to Our NHS

Lobby your MEP to prevent the backdoor sell off of our NHS.


Who says campaigning doesn’t work? In May this year following two years of relentless petitioning, lobbying, door knocking and with the occasional march thrown in for good measure, the Cameron Government was forced into an embarrassing climbdown by giving in to public pressure; the NHS was now to be excluded from the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The reason that thousands of you answered the call to arms to defend our NHS was that TTIP placed the NHS in clear and  present danger of even faster privatisation. Under TTIP each and every NHS contract was to be open to the US corporations and if they failed to land the plum contracts they could apply to a secret court with no redress for the publicly owned NHS to appeal decisions.

The Labour Party tabled an amendment to the Queen’s Speech calling for the NHS to be excluded from TTIP. Some Tory MPs. mindful of their constituents wishes as communicated by you, backed Labour and Cameron was forced to back down.

But the battle has recommenced since the BREXIT vote and we need your help to defeat a new threat to our NHS.

CETA (Canada and European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) offers US corporations based in Canada a way to buy up the profitable parts of our NHS and siphon off public funds.

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is an independent, non-partisan think tank focused on international governance. They have conducted exhaustive research on CETA and they conclude that the proposed agreement will include the same appeal process for corporations as TTIP. David Davis, Secretary of State for BREXIT and a local MP here in East Yorkshire is on record as saying, “CETA is a good model for future UK trade deals”. (Quoted by the People NHS).

We can’t underestimate the threat that deals like CETA pose to our democracy. It creates a new set of rules for corporations, giving lobbyists increased power to shape new laws and corporations the right to sue governments over lost profits. This means that if the NHS is awarded a contract instead of a corporation, then said corporation can sue for loss of future profits.

Now it’s time to take our protest to the next level: if ten thousands of people all across Europe demand that their representatives reject CETA — our parliamentarians won’t be able to ignore us. They’ll have to take a stance.

Jane Collins (UKIP), Linda McCavan (Labour), Richard Corbett (Labour and Cooperative) Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative), Amjad Bashir (Conservative), and Mike Hookem (UKIP) are your MEP’s. Here are their contact details:;jsessionid=1AC3323F7F70CF9C1B574579691790DB

Ask them for their opinion on CETA and whether or not they plan to protect the NHS from predatory privatisation.


This deal affects us and maybe implemented in parallel with BREXIT. If we act now the politicians will be forced to act.

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