Stop CETA: Backdoor Trade Deal That Threatens the NHS

Having seen of the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which would have but turbo boosters under the lucrative parts of the NHS being sold off to US Corporations with no scrutiny, the People’s NHS in alliance with Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire plus War on Want have been lobbying local MEP’s. The reason being that there is a new attempt to force TTIP through the back door via Canada. 


BREXIT Secretary and local MP David Davis is on the record as being an admirer of the Canada EU Trade Agreement (CETA) .

War on Want say, ”

CETA is no different from TTIP. It champions the same agenda of deregulation, privatisation and ‘corporate courts’, all with the same aim – big business profits, whatever the cost to people and planet. Worst of all, under CETA, the UK could be sued in CETA’s corporate courts up to 20 years after Brexit.

At last week’s European Parliament trade committee meeting, UK MEPs highlighted that they have repeatedly heard concerns about CETA from their constituents. The MEPs said they are worried about CETA’s:

+agenda for workers’ rights, public services, and its proposed ISDS ‘corporate courts’

+failure to meet five European Parliament conditions for ISDS ‘corporate courts’

+strong rights for investors, but weak rights for workers – an “inequality” in trade deals that must be addressed.

Trade deals like TTIP and CETA do more harm than good to Europe.

Your MEPs are listening – tell them that now is the time to kill off TTIP and CETA for good!

Follow this link to sign the petition.

CETA would be valid for twenty years after we leave the EU. 

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