The People’s NHS: “Email Your MP, Say NO to TTIP!”

rally5 - Copy - CopyNewspapers this week are reporting a shocking story. 70 coalition MPs – including yours – have links with private healthcare companies. [1] These MPs voted for the Health and Social Care Act – a law that carves up the NHS and gives it to these very same private healthcare companies! Our MPs are lining their own pockets rather than standing up for our NHS. But together we can change that.

The government want to include the NHS in TTIP. [2] They’ve profited directly from the privatisation of the NHS. If TTIP passes, privatisation will become permanent and they can carry on making loads of money! [3] But not if their voters come together and stop them. Can you email your MP and ask them to take the NHS out of TTIP? The staff team have built a tool so it should only take a few minutes.

In the last two months, Westminster has been rocked to its core – first in the Scottish referendum, and now in the Rochester and Strood by-election. In both cases, the NHS was a key issue. [4] Now, after the brusing defeat in Rochester, MPs are uniquely vulnerable. If enough of us, their voters, come together and speak out against the NHS being included in TTIP, we can persuade them to change thier minds.

Politicians are learning that if they don’t stand up for our NHS, they lose votes. The outcome of the next election is uncertain, and every MP will need to fight for their seat. They won’t want to be seen to be ignoring voters at this crucial time. And together, we’re making sure that the NHS is a massive issue in the election. Thousands of us have been standing up for the NHS and demanding that it’s removed from TTIP – we’ve created a movement! [5]

But now it’s time for our MPs to show us where they stand. You can write an email using the link below. The staff team has made a tool that makes it easy – it should only take a few minutes. Please ask your MP to make sure the NHS is taken out of TTIP.

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