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Remember We Are All NHS Patients: Some Of Us Just Haven’t Checked In Yet! by Danny Marten

When my good pal Dermot and I started a little campaign six weeks ago against NHS reorganisation in our area, including government cuts, legislation and local management we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for. Since then we have managed to untangle a web of miscommunication and lack of understanding about the […]

Chronology of a Campaign: AKA If These Muppets Can Do It, Anyone Can!

July 16th: Dan and Dermot spot the story that the Hull and East Yorkshire Trust are facing cuts of £94 million. As current patients we are gob smacked by a) the level of cuts required b) the loss of all Neuro beds c) the closure of Ward 6 and Castle Hill which contains valuable cardiac […]

Save Our NHS Street Stalls 25th August Newland Ave and Anlaby Square.

Save our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire activists took to the streets to listen to the concerns of the community regarding the raft of £99 million in cuts imposed on the local Trust by Andrew Lansley’s Department of Health.  210 signatures were collected by activists on Newland Ave. In Anlaby 282 people queued to sign […]

Details of Save Our Local NHS Street Stall Anlaby Square Sat 25th 11am

Time: 11am  Location : Anlaby Square Sainsburys  HU10 6UA  We will be raising awareness of our campaign by listening to the community and what they have to share with us about our National Health Service. There will be a petition to sign and a chance for people to write about how they feel about the […]

More Details from the Hull City Council Shadow Health and Well-being Board Meeting.

Local Health Watch still to be established. This will replace Patient and Advisory Liason Service (PALS), waiting for details from the Department for Health. The proposal is to do some work over the autumn to prepare, timescale is Feb 2013.  May be a Hull & ER Social Enterprise, they do not know how much money […]

Hull Shadow Health and Well-being Board Meeting. August 21st 2012

Since the Campaign Group was formed last month it has become more and more apparent that we are up against a Juggernaut of change. The community and health workers seem, by and large fairly ignorant of the consequences.                    This is not to say that people are not concerned about the future of our NHS. […]

Report from Observers at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital Trust AGM 14th August 2012

Notes from HEY hospital trust AGM 14/812 at Caste Hill hospital Well attended meeting. Lots of presentation and all seems to be thriving and striving in NHS hospital world. The hospitals have improved performance standards.  Both financially and medically numerous targets achieved i.e. hospital infections were down and so were the hospital mortality rate. Hospital […]