Hull Activists Joined by Suffragette Star at Number Ten TTIP Demo

Anne Marie Duff  joined doctors & health campaigners to urge PM to act over TTIP threat to NHS.


On Monday (30 November) Anne-Marie Duff, star of the acclaimed 2015 film ‘Suffragette’, joined a coalition of health campaigners, including members of the Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire campaign group, to deliver a giant petition with over 140,000 thousand signatures calling on David Cameron to protect the NHS from the EU trade deal called TTIP.

Anne-Marie Duff, together with doctors dressed in scrubs and activists from the People’s NHS, Save our Surgeries and Keep our NHS Public delivered the petition signed by people from across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to 10 Downing Street.

The ‘Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’ trade deal is being negotiated behind closed doors, between EU bureaucrats and delegates from the United States. It is the largest bilateral trade deal ever negotiated and threatens to make the on-going privatisation of the NHS irreversible. TTIP could grant American multinationals, or any firm with American investors, the power to sue the government if it ever attempted to take privatised health services back into public ownership.

Theresa Vaughan, Secretary of Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire said, “Our residents want to get our NHS out of TTIP and hundreds have raised ‘NHS not for sale signs’ outside their homes and signed the petition. On behalf of our areas  we are joining forces with similar groups from across the country to take our message to the Prime Minister. Today we are urging David Cameron to take the NHS out of TTIP to stop our NHS being irreversibly sold to American corporations.”

Anne-Marie Duff said, “We can’t afford to take risks with the NHS. It saves our lives and brings our children into the world regardless of who we are. The NHS makes us all equals. The TTIP trade deal puts that at risk because it could make privatisation irreversible. I want the government to think again and protect the NHS from TTIP.”

John Lipetz – Keep Our NHS Public National office said “Well over 140,000+ people have signed our petition calling on David Cameron to protect the NHS from the dangerous TTIP trade deal which threatens our health service with irreversible privatisation.

Mrs Vaughan concluded by saying, “The government is exposing our NHS to huge risks and communities across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales expect the Prime Minister to act. The Conservative government does not have a mandate to allow the sell-off of the NHS to become permanent.”

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