Street Campaigners Hail Public Repsonse

ImageHealth Campaign activists today flooded Hull City Centre to listen to the concerns of the public regarding the local Hospital Trust suffering £99 million cuts, and to gauge reaction to this week news that the Government cut £1.6 BILLION from front line health services across the nation. The group’s new leaflet was unveiled, and a mock bed was wheeled around the city centre to symbolise the losses our local NHS must face. 

Save Our Local NHS Hull and East Yorkshire Co Chair Patrick Smith said, “The prime minister told us in 2010 that NHS spending would rise year on year. But now the independent UK National Statistics Authority has told the Government that they must stop misleading the public and announced the £1.6 billion cut this week” 

Fellow Co Chair Lynn Longbottom told the assembled media during a news briefing of the concerns of local health professionals. “Neurology consultants have seen their specialist Ward 12 axed in a move they described as “dictatorial” where their views were ignored. They told the local MPs in the summer that care will be “critically eroded”. Tragically this is what workers and patients alike are telling us about what is really happening in our local hospitals.” 

The Group are lobbying Hull City Councillors on Wednesday to urge them to continue to put pressure on the Department of Health to urgently review the cuts in the light of patient safety concerns. 

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