Urgent Talks Needed to Answer Concerns at HEY

NHSHRIFollow up press release re CQC report of 24/10 placing HEY in Category Two for concern.

A source close to the CQC informed our Campaign that the following areas were of major concern to the health watchdog, and should set the wheels in motion to address the real fears of the local community.

Firstly the CQC was very worried about performance in the cardiology sector of the Trust.

This confirms the June 2012 fears of the consultant heart specialists who wrote an open letter regarding the savage £100 million cuts to HEY; “The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) thinks that’s dangerous and I would endorse that,” said their spokesman Prof. John Cleland. Karl Turner, MP for Hull East told the BBC at a City Centre rally that month that, “These cuts will cause people to lose their lives”.

In addition the CQC report places staff fears about raising concerns regarding patient safety at the forefront of things that are compromising performance. The Commission highlighted staff education and training as an issue that could hinder progress and impact on patient safety.

The lack of support for whistle-blowers, a key part of Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt’s efforts to avoid a repeat of the Mid Stafford tragedy, is also high lighted.

 Theresa Vaughan is the Secretary of Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire. “The final two points regarding the pressure being piled on staff not to seek support where things are going wrong epitomises the climate of fear bred at the Trust due to the poor leadership of Phil Morley. He must put this right by holding urgent round table talks with our elected representatives, the Trade Unions and both local authorities who are affected by this. He must restore confidence by engaging with the community and come up with a plan to end this current crisis.”

Danny Marten founded the Save Our NHS Hull and E.Yorks Campaign whilst being treated for testicular cancer in 2012. He made a full recovery after an operation and 63 days of gruelling chemotherapy. “The NHS and it’s wonderful staff saved my life”, he said

The warning signs have been on the cards for a couple of years now, staff and patients have highlighted concerns. We have been warning that something like this was coming and the warning were not listened to. It is time we had a serious look at the leadership of HEY NHS, they seem to be stumbling from crisis to crisis, its time they stopped batting off our concerns and woke up to the realities of the mess we are in. Phil Morley has a first class salary so we expect a first class performance from him,” said Mr Marten in response to the CQC report.

Liz Charles, a local NHS activist concluded, “Not only has Cameron inflicted £20 billion cut to reduce so called waste, but he has gone on to squander a further £3 billion top down reorganisation which no one voted for, and is causing chaos across the the NHS. When you mess about with a health system that is the envy of the world, only bad things are going to happen”.

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