Stop NHS Cuts and Privatisation: What You Can Do

publichealthnotprivateOur National Health Service, free at the point of use and was rated thus by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine in 2011, “ The NHS is saving more lives for each pound spent as a proportion of national wealth than any other country apart from Ireland over 25 years. Among the 17 countries considered, the United States healthcare system was among the least efficient and effective.”

This bears out the fact that competition is BAD for healthcare. The US has an insurance based scheme that is based on hospitals and health providers “competing” for patients.

In America 30% of the costs relating to medical care are spent on paper pushing, and insurance reps looking over the shoulders of doctors to ensure “value for money” AKA rationing of care.

In the NHS 97% of the money is spent on the frontline. Spent on doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, healthcare assistants and medical care.

In 2010 70% of patients were satisfied or better with the NHS. Just a year in to the Tory led coalition the figure had plummeted to just 58%.

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act of 2012 allows the NHS to be broken up and sold off to the highest bidder.
In January 2014 the BBC reported that in the previous seven months FIVE BILLION pounds worth of NHS contracts had been awarded. 70% went to private companies who have a legal obligation to make as much cash as they possibly can for their shareholders.

More information here, collated by Dr. Eoin Clarke..

It is vital that we make sure that if this happens in our area, we put a stop to it and pile pressure on the local commissioning groups to ensure that care remains in public hands

If you are a patient, carer or health professional, get in touch with your GOOD NEWS stories. The Tory/ UKIP/ New Labour/ Lib Dem NHS haters have formed a Grand Coalition in tandem with the right wing media to trash the reputation of the NHS. Journalists are looking for bad news to do down the NHS so that these politicians can argue it must be sold off to improve care.

If you are a Labour Party member or in a trade union, get motions passed at your Branch to force Labour to repeal the Act IN FULL (equivocation, keeping the “good bits” of which there are none is a slippery slope), and campaign to restore full funding as well as getting Andy Burnham to promise to end private interests in the NHS. We must make the Labour Party commit to making the NHS the central battle ground for the election. If it becomes an effective referendum on the NHS Labour will win the election. We must then pile the pressure on Labour to deliver in power.

Write to the local press. We can provide template letters but it is more credible if you write with your own voice. Ring to speak on the ‘phone ins. The media are in lockdown on the NHS so we must speak up wherever we can.
Start a local petition. Again we can provide these resources.

Join a street stall. The next one is this Saturday in Anlaby 9.30 outside Sainsbury’s hosted by Tranby Labour Party. Tell us where you want to do a stall and we will come along. It does not have to be Party political in nature.

Tell your GP you want, where possible to be treated in NHS facilities. Many companies are delivering services whilst sporting the NHS logo. This must stop.

Attend the Care Commissioning Groups Meetings. They are in public.

In the East Riding:

Twitter: @saveournhshull
Search for Save our NHS Hull and E.Yorks on Facebook

Call 07999 492292. All calls treated in strictest confidence, especially if you are a healthcare professional

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